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Our Mission

Complete Wellness Solutions is a national leader in corporate wellness and dedicated to helping individuals and businesses thrive by offering tailored resources, tools, and incentives that educate, empower, and support participants in adopting habits and attitudes that contribute to their health and quality of life.

Rising Health Care Costs

Why Wellness Programs?

Of the $3.5 trillion in annual health care expenditures, 90% are for people with chronic and mental health conditions.

With these costs projected to rise substantially for the next decade, the most effective way to lower employer and employee costs is to help your workforce live a healthier life with proven wellness programs and strategic health interventions. Complete Wellness Solutions has a decade of experience creating impactful population health management tools and solutions for our clients across a vast array of industries. Schedule your demo today!

Human Driven Programming

Inspire Change with Tailored Participant Experience

Our complete and compliant wellness programming empowers participants to care for their health by providing the motivation, education, tools, and support needed to be successful. CWS provides a variety of participation-based programs, health-standard-based programs, and hybrid programs with industry leading features.

Technology Supported Programs

Comprehensive Population Health Management Platform

The CWS platform is a complete multi-role system providing services to implement all aspects of a population health management offering broad-application technology for wellness coaches, clinics, TPAs, fitness centers, hospitals, ACOs, occupational health providers, insurance carriers, and employers. CWS portals are easy to administer, scalable, compliant with all governing regulations, and configurable to make it easy to bring effective wellness solutions to your organization.

Empirically Proven

Data Driven Results

Our internal leading data science team is here to help evaluate and maximize your program’s effectiveness and assist with any of your population health analytics needs. We provide a variety of descriptive, predictive, and real-time analytic services. Click below to learn more.

Achievements we're proud of

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What our clients say

“I am impressed with the Complete Wellness Solutions product line. The portal gives professionals the opportunity to monitor health changes across time while giving individuals the chance to think about their health-related decisions. CWS does a great job of offering a holistic view of wellbeing and connecting with real-world people by using familiar language and meeting them where they’re at. Lifestyle changes take time, and I think this is a tool that can make a valuable contribution to the change process.”
Dr. Jane Ellery
Associate Professor at the Fisher Institute for Health and Wellbeing, Ball State University"​
“The health and well-being of our team are crucial to our success as a company. We were struggling to find a comprehensive way to provide our employees with tools, resources, and support until we found Complete Wellness Solutions. Our partnership with CWS has led to a seamless integration of Wellness options including health screenings, website portal, team challenges that reward healthy lifestyle choices, and onsite classes. CWS models the behaviors they endorse and provides local resources and support that fit our workforce and Wellness Program goals.”
3Rivers Federal Credit Union
Employer, Northeast Indiana
“I believe Complete Wellness Solutions has one of the best functional wellness portals I have seen. I also believe it is priced right. The functionality of the program is phenomenal, offering a full onslaught of features with a ‘next generation’ look moves CWS to a higher standard. The CWS portal does an outstanding job of tracking and reporting data for both the individual and for the organization. I think this type of initiative is a logical next step for any organization.”
Chuck Gillespie
CEO, National Wellness Institute
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