Our Results

Our Results

Meaningful Health Benefits

High engagement in CWS health interventions leads to meaningful health benefits. We offer custom reporting to provide insights into the investment in your population health. Use our cutting-edge technology to help define and report on you and your employees’ efforts to improve health and achieve results. We aggregate all available data sources such as medical and prescription claims, wellness activity data, health screening data, and lab data to provide clients with best-in-class risk identification.

Meet All of Your Analytic Needs

CWS Clinical Outcomes

We estimate that high engagement in CWS programming leads to a 2.0% reduction in Weight (P=< 0.001) and a 5.4% decrease in Systolic Blood Pressure (P=< 0.001)

Health Outcomes of High CWS Program Engagement


  1. Participants with low engagement are used as the control group
  2. Activity is summarized in the year proceeding the biometric health screening
  3. Sample includes 2,537 participants across nine programs
  4. The average participation duration was 17 months.

CWS Financial Outcomes

High engagement in CWS health interventions leads to substantial cost savings in medical claims of $2,956 annually per highly engaged member.

Financial Evaluation (Health Claims) of High Program Engagement
  1. Average program duration was 26 months.
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