How to Improve Your Balance

Improving balance takes a combination of physical strength, coordination, and awareness of body position. Here are some key factors and exercises that can help improve balance: Standing on one leg is a simple yet effective exercise for improving balance. This is an exercise that can be done just about anywhere. Try to remember to practice […]

What Does “Good Nutrition” Mean?

What should you eat when you’re advised that “good nutrition” should become an essential part of your healthful habits?Food provides energy, nutrients, and substances essential for growth and health. It’s important to remember that eating proper nutrients support healthy body function, while excess nutrients may be stored as fat, which may lead to weight gain. […]

Great News for CWS!

Great news for our company! We are a participant in Cohort 3 of Transform! This is a data science and AI startup accelerator that we connected with through the University of Chicago Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Read more about us and our opportunity here:

What is the Physical Activity Pyramid?

The physical activity pyramid is similar to the food pyramid, which illustrates a balanced diet of different types of foods. The physical activity pyramid emphasizes the importance of incorporating different types of physical activities into one’s daily routine. The most important and beneficial activities are located in the bottom tier of the pyramid, while the […]

Fitness the Blue Zone Way: How to use NEAT to increase your fitness

The NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis-popularized by Dr. James Levine) method emphasizes using everyday activities (such as housework) as a means of promoting fitness. The idea behind NEAT is that small, incremental increases in physical activity throughout the day can add up to significant health benefits. The ideas behind NEAT align closely to research that has […]

Perils of Perfection

If you consider yourself a “perfectionist” but struggle to accomplish your goals, it is important to recognize that aiming for perfection doesn’t always lead to satisfactory results. In fact, when it comes to pursuing your health goals, striving for perfection can become the enemy of progress. The pressure to attain perfection can lead to inaction, […]

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