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Complete Wellness Solutions

Helping People and Businesses Thrive

CWS founder, Linda Passmore began developing wellness programs in 2004 for corporate health insurance clients. She found that the wellness programs available to her clients were missing key components to engage and help move participants toward optimal health. In 2008, Passmore began leading educational seminars for brokers and agents, HR managers, and CFOs to make the business case for wellness, and help providers meet legal requirements for wellness programs, apply industry best practice and gain a quality return on investment.

Inspired by her client’s success Passmore founded Complete Wellness Solutions in 2010. Since then, CWS has evolved into a sophisticated population health platform using our robust data analytics and feedback from participants, employers, and resellers to drive effective wellness interventions with an engaging, user-friendly experience. Our comprehensive online portal offers functional medicine initiatives, health coaching solutions, medications adherence programs, targeted communication, electronic medical record integration, health risk alerts and recommendations and more.

Inspire Change

Our Mission

As a national leader in corporate wellness, Complete Wellness Solutions is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses thrive by offering tailored resources, tools, and incentives that educate, empower, and support participants in adopting habits and attitudes that contribute to their health and quality of life. We exceed our customer’s expectations by offering world class customer service, user-friendly technology, and tailored programs that cultivate wellness for years to come.

To make our mission a reality, CWS is committed to:

  1. Deliver a responsive, broad-application technology platform to meet health and wellness providers’ needs for data integration and security, communication and real-time healthcare data analytics.
  2. Promoting healthy behavior change by providing proven education and behavior tracking programs that empower and support employees through all aspects of wellbeing and help cultivate connection, purpose, and motivation to help individuals reach their health goals.
  3. Guiding employers’ investment in a stronger, healthier, united workforce to enhance personal and professional productivity by offering education and resources to support workplace culture, policy, and placemaking.
  4. Developing corporate and community partnerships to help cultivate a culture of wellness that supports individuals and their families on their path to wellbeing and create opportunities for economic and social growth.
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