Journaling For Wellness

If the mention (or thought) of “Journaling” causes you anxiety, then you may want to
reconsider what the act of journaling really means. Many find the thought of writing down
inner thoughts, goals, and daily activities overwhelming. However, journaling can be a healthy
way to boost your well-being, encourage creativity, work through stress, and provide you with
insight into (and help you solve) everyday problems.

Journaling does not need to be a lengthy “Dear Diary” entry.

You may find that you already practice these types of journaling:

Sketch Pads or Art Journals: Do you create drawings, paintings, doodles, or other artworks
on a consistent basis? Whatever you create does not need to be kept in a single notebook or
sketchpad. You may keep certain work in a portfolio for future reference.

Gratitude Journals: These can be as simple as a list, a collection of personal positive
reminders, a letter to someone who you are thankful to/for, or as complex as a traditional
journal, but their intention is to provide you with a way to acknowledge the positive aspects of
your life.

Wellness Trackers: Food Diaries, Fitness Devices, Sleep Monitors, Weight Trackers (or body
measurements), or your Wellness Portal, can help you to be aware of habits that affect your
wellness on a regular basis. You may collect a variety of tracking information using a device or
keep a notebook that includes a composite of all that you track. It’s important to include here
how any changes in habits affect your wellness.

Lists: To-do lists, idea notes, Pinterest Boards, inspiration boards, bullet journals (organized
lists of items that may include to-do, habits, gratitude and inspiration). All of these methods
may help you to be organized during specific projects or may provide you with inspiration
during moments when you’re at a loss for what is your next step.

Easy Journaling:
• Write brief entries anywhere-one line, one list, your daily calendar/planner notes.
• Record yourself-voice your thoughts or create a brief video. You can share on social media if you’re so inclined.
• Take a picture-make it a point to take a picture of something that is significant each day and save that photo in an inspirational file.
• Doodle-regardless of where you doodle, you may want to keep at least some doodles for future inspiration.

Source: Completely Well Newsletter, Complete Wellness Solutions March 2023

Journaling For Wellness
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