Best Practices in Self Care

In the past year “Self-Care” has been a buzzword for people who are suffering from being quarantined at home or have stress and anxiety from pandemic-related issues. It is a term that relates to the overall wellness of a person. What it means to practice self-care: Taking a break and doing something nice for yourself […]

Keeping Informed and Calming Anxiety

As worries about COVID-19 have continued over multiple weeks, so has a search for the best information. Too much exposure to the current pandemic news can be difficult to handle. Here is some great information from the American Psychological Association about viewing coverage. Five Ways to View Coverage of the Coronavirus Tips New reports about […]

Strengthening the Immune System

While we continue to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 virus, we can take specific actions to reduce the likelihood of infection.  We can self-isolate, staying home whenever possible.  We can increase the number of times we wash our hands (for 20 seconds or more) and avoid touching the face.  We can maintain a 6-foot distance […]

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